August 24th, 2015

  • ddstory

Hitler's bestseller

First, two (not too relevant) pieces of news.

ISIS's 'Mein Kampf': Secret jihadi document discovered in Pakistan blames Israel for the emergence of the Islamist group and calls Barack Obama the 'mule of the Jews'

Trump Kept Hitler’s Speeches by his Bed: Says Only Short Jews Can Count His Money, Not Blacks

No surprises in either case, are there? But that's not the point I'll be making here. See, it's been said that words by themselves do not kill people, but they could incite people, often millions of people to do all sorts of inhumane atrocities against other people. I've often heard the question if Hitler's hateful diatribes are as dangerous now as they used to be at his time. There are opinions either way - after all, we've seen that guys like Breivik were able to become monsters after having spent some time around such websites. On the other hand, a number of historians and scholars consider his magnum opus, Mein Kampf a source of useful info on a particular historical period. All of this is causing quite some controversy between both scientists and politicians. And last year the ministers of justice of the separate German provinces decided to not have all this headache and banned the printing of the book for scholarly purposes.

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