July 6th, 2015


Way to hurt your cause...

WSP: KKK plans Confederate flag rally outside South Carolina statehouse

So, the KKK plans to hold a rally later this month at the South Carolina statehouse, to protect the removal of "that flag" from the state capitol. Well, I guess that makes it pretty clear what the Confederate flag represents, in case there was any doubt left about the nature of the "values" and "heritage" that it "stood for". I just wonder which GOP candidate would attend. ;)

Indeed, all the whining about "the constant stomping on free speech" aside, there goes any last semblance of credibility the pro-flag position may've ever had. Not that we're exactly unaware of the fact that these wackos only represent a fraction of a per cent of the entire pro-flag camp, but now that these guys have successfully done their job and hijacked the discourse, I guess it's what everyone's going to talk about from this point onwards.

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