July 2nd, 2015


Media = propaganda?

I mean, isn't that the case overall, even in countries with free speech and freedom of the press, but with private corporations running the bulk of the media as opposed to governments (as is in the autocratic states)? Really, what's the difference between the two cases, if those running the media can still call the shots and shape the narrative, and thus, the public's perceptions and preferences, as they please? There's news coverage full of subtle and not so subtle attempts at brainwashing, both the ones covering domestic and foreign events - especially in cases involving potential and/or actual conflict of interest (including with other nations or groups of people to whom most standard features of the definition of "otherness" applies).

In today's world, the freedom of speech has practically got to mean the freedom of those who have the resources to get into the minds of the rest of the flock, and direct them into whatever direction they want. You can publish anything you like in a media with a nationwide or a more local coverage, as long as you've got the money to own one. Yes, theoretically every voice is given the space and opportunity to be heard, but some voices are much louder than others thanks to the huge financial backing they're enjoying, so they can easily drown and mute all other voices, especially the dissenting ones.

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