June 25th, 2015

Ауди А6 за шес' хиляди марки. Проблемче?
  • htpcl

Here's a proposal. Make Bulgaria a US state!

I mean, why not? After all, we already are getting our orders directly from WARshington anyway, are we not?

US confirms it will place 250 tanks in eastern Europe to counter Russian threat

First, there was a rumor here that the US would be placing heavy tanks here to protect us from those pesky Russians (as if Russia was planning to invade us anytime soon, beyond the occasional "bird-flipping" flyover of a jet or two). Then, there was a denial from our Ministry of Defense that any such request had ever been received from the US. But then the US Secretary of Defense confirmed the rumors, and said that "these countries (including BG) had been informed that US heavy military equipment would start to be placed on their territory". So, turns out the rumors were true after all, and - notice! - we had been informed of that US decision. Not asked. Informed. And therein lies the key to my proposal.

Because we're not a sovereign country. Never have been (save for a brief period in the Dark Ages, and then an even shorter one in the Middle Ages). Having dumped our previous Soviet masters from the East, we're now proudly bowing to our new masters from the West. And that's not so much the EU, as it is the US - from whom our prime-minister takes his orders on the phone on a regular basis, and on whose behalf the US ambassador has lobbied more than once, our president turning the other way every time this has occurred.

So, I say, why not take that last step and actually become a US state officially, as opposed to just de facto, as we are now? Why the US, you may ask? Because: screw the EU, that's why.

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