June 16th, 2015


Do not underestimate Jeb

Jeb Bush ain't exactly the most eloquent speaker. That was evident in his speech where he officially announced that he was running for the Republican nomination. He was anxious, he often reached to the water, and he smiled clumsily for the cams. But on the other hand, Hillary Clinton didn't do too well last week in New York, either. Her eyes were constantly fixated on the text she was reading, and her smile looked rather artificial. Neither Jeb nor Hillary could come anywhere near Barack Obama's oratorical prowess (when he was at his height, anyway). But Obama's days in office are numbered, and the number of wannabe successors are swelling by the day now.

Naturally, the economy was the main subject for both Bush III and Clinton II. Jeb promised to pull the economy upwards by creating 19 million new jobs, and make America an economic superpower. How exactly? He never ventured into detail. He just said he'd do it, period. After all, wasn't he the Florida governor between '99 and '07, when he introduced a relatively balanced budget, cut the state's debts and reformed the education system? Sounds like the guy's got some credentials. Or at least that's what his supporters say.

Jeb Bush may've shown that he can govern a state, which distinguishes him from a number of Republican candidates, like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Even from Hillary by the way, who was a senator from New York. None of Jeb's rivals have actually governed anything. Even this fact on its own could sway some voters in his favor.

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