June 11th, 2015


China's new big satellite

Russia is demonstrating to the West a readiness to turn to the East and become China's main partner, if not ally, in response to the pressure from the West. Just like in the 19th and 20th century, when the Chinese used to give certain territories of theirs to Russia for "leased use" (read: protectorates), now they themselves are about to get thousands of sq km of Russian land for "agricultural activity". On top of that, the Chinese military have now started using Russian territory to convey their training exercises.

Russia is also trying to execute some projects of its own in the Far East, like some free-trade zones, or making Vladivostok an "open port". It's also trying to cooperate with countries like South Korea, Japan and Vietnam, which are a natural counterweight to China in the region, and are themselves looking for support in their political, economic, and recently military confrontations both among themselves and against China.

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