June 4th, 2015


We love freedom... but not all types of freedom

Curious how things quickly turn around, as soon as they don't happen to match the official partisan narrative of your political camp. So, big guvmint = bad; but big police state = good. Got it.

Civil War Breaks Out Over Rand Paul On Fox's 'The Five'

The predictable reactions from the mainstream Republicans to his 13-hour filibuster effort aside, evidently, Rand Paul is suddenly being declared "sad and disgusting" for wanting to stay consistent with the small-government principle that libertarians are supposed to espouse, and wanting to end a massive surveillance practice that has proven absolutely useless.

"You believe in the Second Amendment, why not the Fourth Amendment?" -- Geraldo "Women Mostly Bring Their Youth To A Marriage" Rivera. Yeah right! Let's measure whose amendment is bigger!

I also love how they used Hillary Clinton as a scarecrow. What if she wins the presidency? Would it be OK if she had control over all those massifs of intel, mhmmm? Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

It's going to be morbidly fascinating to observe how FOX is almost certainly going to employ its entire propaganda machine in an effort to destroy one of the right-wing's brightest political fighters now. Sean "The Constitution Doesn't Mention Separation of Church and State" Hannity was quick to go after him on his show, and of course we all know Hannity would lick the boots of any GOPer who ever shows up on his show. And, since FOX, although lying most of the time, does largely direct the narrative on the right, you may well write off Rand Paul's candidacy at this point.