April 30th, 2015


Shut Down The F**k Barrel

I am immensely grateful to this forum, particularly telemann and abomvubuso, for accidentally turning my attention to the Last Week Tonight, John Oliver's new show. I have been missing Colbert greatly since he ended his show, but I am glad to say I have learned a lot since I started watching the latest series of Last Week Tonight. John Oliver is doing an amazing job, digging deep into some of the most pressing issues of American society. And so, I have come across this:


"Fees from traffic tickets and other minor offenses are often a major source of revenue for many communities. But what happens when you can't afford to pay even a small penalty? In some cases, you don't work off the fine with community service. Instead, you could find yourself trapped inside what John Oliver calls "the fuck barrel.""

The first impression that occurred to me was, well, this is what happens when cities' voters throw their fellow residents under the bus to avoid a property tax increase. Meanwhile, municipal services continue to be cut and defunded at the state level, while Congress does nothing to relieve revenue shortfalls in the states, and works to kill any proposal that might improve the situation.

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