March 31st, 2015


Of bones and unicorns, or wrapping up this "Superstition & Irrationality" thingy

22% of Americans believe world will end in their lifetime (and 10% think the apocalypse is coming
48 Percent Of Americans Believe UFOs Could Be ET Visitations
Poll: Nearly 8 in 10 Americans believe in angels
Poll: 54% of Republicans say that, "deep down," Obama is a Muslim
35% believe God made the dinosaurs, along with all other animals and humans, less than 10 000 years ago
51% Of People Think Stormy Weather Affects 'Cloud Computing'

Need I go on? All this taken in consideration, we could safely say about 2/5 of Americans are, well, let's just call it that way, "prone to thinking and acting irrationally". Probably beyond repair - well, at least most of them. Not that they care that much about it, anyway. And it's not just Americans, don't get me wrong. Same thing is happening all across the global board. This, well into the 2nd decade of the 21st century. Go figure.

(This is probably how cloud computing looks like. Your porn is somewhere out there. Truly.)

Maybe you'd say I'm now being harsh, offensive, elitist even. Not that this is so important though, is it. Because I don't expect that any of the people I'm talking about would ever read this anyway. Or anything remotely approaching, say, 5 paragraphs. After all, reading something like an analysis, someone else's opinion on some general issue that transcends everyday's home chores and/or the worthless daily entertainment that's regularly being served on the TV, requires some mental effort - and there's a vast chunk of society that actually can't be bothered to invest that amount of time into it (not saying they're incapable of it, mind you). Hey, there's the reality show coming up in about 10 mins, and a gladiator fight involving some bull-like humanoids with helmets chasing an egg-shaped ball... and then commercials... oh, all those nice commercials! It's so much easier to consume the nicely pre-packaged product that's being designed for a 3rd-grader level (and similar attention span). Look, kittens, OMGZLOLZ! Hey, a cute but clumsy doggie is having a helluva worse time than you are. That guy is falling hard on his head while trying to skateboard down a parapet at the mall. And WTF is going on with Kim Kardashian's new butt!?

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