March 22nd, 2015


Dread Scott in action

FL DEP Employee Suspended and Forced to Obtain Medical Release for Mentioning Climate Change

So much with the sacred Freeeedoooom of Speech, eh?

First off, here's a stupid question. So if a state employee in FL replies to an email containing the phrase "climate change", do they have to edit the reply text or what? Does the IT head have to edit the words in their email archive? Someone explain this to me please, for I am confus'd.

As for King Scott the Great, I say great job, King Scott! I'm sure he must merely be practicing how he would run the rest of the country if he becomes king, oh wait I mean POTUS... Mind you, these are the same right-wingers that call president Obama a dictator or king (or an apologetic sissy, depending on the circumstances).

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