January 28th, 2015


An offensive with many risks

Palestinians present ICC membership request to UN

The old bluff, it turns out, was no bluff at all. On the last day of last year, the Palestinian autonomy officially requested membership at the International Criminal Court, and the UN Secretary General Ban Kim Moon announced that they would be joining that institution in April. Looks like a risky move, because it will inevitably increase the tensions with Israel, since that status would allow the Palestinians to sue Israeli citizens for war crimes.

Still, the Palestinians must be tired at this point, and devoid of other options. They have already requested an investigation of all purported Israeli crimes since last June, which includes the Israeli military campaign against Gaza from last summer. But that also potentially makes them vulnerable to the same charges. The US, in turn, are expectedly critical of these steps of the autonomy. And the analysts are debating whether this course of action would ultimately increase or undermine the success of the Palestinian cause, the creation of an independent sovereign state.

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