January 27th, 2015

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The Greek drama continues

New Greek leader poised to unveil cabinet - FT

Wow, these guys are fast, aren't they? They needed less than a couple of days to get ready with their new cabinet. And what a cabinet it'll be! The neo-commies plus the far-right. Now the door to "re-negotiating" with the creditors of the despicable Troika is open. Hooray. Tsipras has promised to rid Greece of the debt burden, and save it from the crippling austerity measures, and kick the financial supervisors out of the country - while in the meantime ensuring new financial aid from those same stupid gullible Europeans that they'll be flipping the bird to. The latter he calls "solidarity". Because Greece only seems to have rights, not obligations. At least that's what the majority of the Greek voters seem to have been convinced of.

I don't know if there's a better word to characterize all this, but "insolence".

One thing is for sure: the future talks between the new Greek rulers and the EU will be quite "interesting" from here on. The game of poker has started already, Germany hinting that they wouldn't mind kicking Greece out of the Eurozone at this point. Germany is surely in a much better position this time around, which is why the financial ministers in Brussels are demonstrating remarkable calmness for the time being. They've said they remain "cautiously optimistic", and prefer to wait to see what demands the Greeks will come up with, this time. The IMF has clearly stated that there'll be no more bail-outs, and scratching off of debt. The ECB's position is pretty much the same. Similar signals have come from the European Commission, and the German government (whom the Greeks blame for all their woes, btw, not without Godwinning the shit out of the whole situation).

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