January 20th, 2015

  • luvdovz

Failing (or crumbling?) states: Putinomania galore!

Interesting news have been coming out of Russia these days. Seems like the local press is eager to inform us that the leaders of the North-Caucasian Federal Okrug (region) and adjacent autonomous republics have sworn their allegiance to Vladimir the Great, issuing a joint declaration attesting to their unconditional support for his domestic and foreign policies. Flying on the wings of pious patriotic fervor, the local regional rulers have found it necessary to re-confirm their devotion to Dear Leader for the umpteenth time, and to assert that Russia's return on the right track towards the bright future has only been possible thanks to Vova's re-election for president. Passionate applause ensue.

Like most thinking people, I like looking for the deeper reasons for a particular action. So I asked myself the elementary question: what motivates the local chieftains of the North Caucasian region to demonstrate their support for their sovereign? Why right now? The question is particularly relevant, having in mind that this support is coming from the most problematic region of the Russian Federation.

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