January 5th, 2015


WTF, Bush III now?

With eye on 2016, Jeb Bush resigns from all boards

"Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, moving closer to a possible presidential run, has resigned all of his corporate and nonprofit board memberships, including with his own education foundation, his office said late Wednesday night. He also resigned as a paid adviser to a for-profit education company that sells online courses to public university students in exchange for a share of their tuition payments. Bush’s New Year’s Eve disclosure, coming in an e-mail from an aide to The Washington Post, culminated a string of moves he has made in recent days to shed business interests that have enriched him since leaving office in 2007. The aide said the resignations had been made “effective today.”"

Really... I find it hard to believe that a great and democratic nation like America would only be able to elect members of two families into the presidency for 9 (possibly 10) out of the dozen presidential terms between 1989 and 2024. It just doesn't make any sense - at least from the standpoint of someone who has bought into the "democratic and free nation" narrative to any extent.

If the 2016 election does boil down to Clinton II vs Bush III eventually, this must be telling a lot about the democratic process in the US and the grip on power of the political elites in the Land of the Free - and it won't be good things that it'll be telling us.

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