December 30th, 2012

Gun Facts

Just to inject some facts into this debate:

I am not taking a position in this post, this is just for people to inform themselves, analyze the facts, and come to a logical conclusion, rather than listen to the media bloviate about the subject.

I don't need to take a position in this post. People need to see the facts and talk about the facts. My opinion on these facts will come out in the comments.

To respond to some of the comments in the deleted post, these facts are not intended to make a coherent point. That is the point of the post. There are a lot of facts out there and they don't all agree or line up easily. Opinion makers pick and choose which ones they want to use to "prove" their opinion and don't tell you about the other ones. I'd prefer to give you all the facts and then we can have a complete and logical discussion rather than an emotional one based on partial information (or sometimes outright lies). Feel free to submit some more facts that you have access to. These items were not picked based on anything other than that they are statistics and facts. I can guarantee you that they are not all biased one particular way, and if you actually read them, you'll see that. If you want to call the FBI or the CDC biased or bullshit, take that up with them.

Also, don't focus entirely on the picture. That is just one item, not the point of the post.

The Gun debate: Its a trap!

The last election was a pretty nice victory for democrats. Federally about the only thing Republicans didn't lose was House seats, and even there they lost by numbers, but through redistricting were able to hold on to a majority. Obama was a clear winner, and though Democrats had 3 times as many seats up for re-election in the senate, managed to actually gain two seats in the senate.

The 2012 election really gave some momentum to democrats. There were even questions as to whether the Republican party was going to survive as a major party. I think that's overly presumptive, but the point is, Democrats ended up in a good place with a lot of momentum that could be put towards worthy goals.

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Hollande keeps setting new anti-records

French court throws out Hollande's tax on rich

That piece of news aside for a while, I'd say Francois Hollande is a true champ! No other French president has ever managed to lose his popularity so quickly. The disappointment from his rule is growing like an avalanche, and the reforms that he promised are nowhere in sight.

At the turn of the new year, the French president tried to do a face-lift to his image by presenting his Algerian visit as "a historic act". The bad news is that since the socialists took the presidency earlier this year there haven't been any tangible results. So he thought, maybe the sight of the cheering crowds in Algiers would do the job for him and show the world how loved he really is. But the problem is, the enthusiasm of his own compatriots has passed very fast, and his approval ratings are in a free fall.

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