December 29th, 2012


Bhutto the enigma

Her death caused a political crisis that still echoes today in Pakistani politics. Five years ago Benazir Bhutto was killed in a suicide attack, and even after all that time the truth about her assassination remains a mystery.

The perpetrators remain unknown. But there are countless conspiracy theories about the motives and factors behind the demise of Pakistan's most popular politician. She died after an election campaign event in Rawalpindi, and her assassination left a power vacuum in her country that remains gaping to this day, with no one to fill it.

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The Philippines Vs the Church! Fight!

Philippines President Benigno Aquino has signed into law a bill providing for free access to contraception and family planning.

Supporters say the law, which took 14 years to pass, will reduce poverty and maternal mortality in a country with the highest birth rate in the region.

The Roman Catholic Church repeatedly tried to block the bill.

First, congrats to the Philippines. With more than seven billion people running around this sort of thing is more important than ever. That said, I'm also feeling frustrated at the very thought of the kind of shitstorm trying to get something like this would stir up in the US. Hell, the foolishness we've seen in regards to insurance is horrible enough.

Still, I like to think that these sort of things add up collectively in regards to change.