December 28th, 2012

Albert thinks ur funny.
  • mahnmut

Friday lols story. God hates hobbits too now.

REDNECKIVILLE, Somewhere-in-the-South, Real 'Murkka. It seems the Bible-belt-based purity-of-morality grassroots group God Hates Fags (GHF) are at it again. After being served a considerable push-back from the dogpiling hyena vermin of the liberal establishment lame-stream media for their insensitive righteous silence in regards to the recent actions of an unjustly demonized Newtown-based Counterstrike enthusiast mass shooter who became a victim of the court of public opinion and a pawn in O'Bummer's secret anti-2nd-Amendment agenda, the GHF have finally decided to strike back in full force.

Their new target (pun unintended) is now film director and self-proclaimed demigod Peter "Tom Bombadil" Jackson and his recent rendition of JRRT's bedtime story The Hobbit, which he masterly managed to turn into a shrill hybrid between Alien vs Predator, Transformers-2, and the Chronicles of Narnia.
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