December 24th, 2012

Коста Баничаров

The triumph of the full bellies

Happy Holidays Merry Christmas, my dear selfish gluttons pious decent folks! Black Friday has gone a long time ago (now being super-extended to Thanksgiving, because, you know, all those pre-Christmas weeks ain't enough for people to be done shopping). And Boxing Day will come. But between them... a tradition called... (let me check Wikipedia)... oh yes, Christmas! This divine bright day of togetherness, kindness, nice presents, legends about Santa the sun-god, and of course... lots of gluttony!

The avalanche of niceties hasn't bypassed these very Webz, either. Of course. Sugary, sparkling Christmas cards are flooding emails and FB walls. Everywhere you look, you see pompous, ridiculous, infantile good wishes, full of false sympathy and concern for your well-being from people who otherwise never call you during the year. Everyone is doing their best to declare and demonstrate their kindness to their neighbor and their compassion for the poor and the people in need. Mass charity and aid campaigns are being heralded in the media. The key word being "campaign". Because that's what they are - we good Christians are kind and good and compassionate around Christmas Eve; but once it's gone, we're back to "default mode", back to being the self-centered, self-focused, gloomy folks that we are, stuck in their everyday routine.

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