December 23rd, 2012

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A POD that might be worth exploring:

In tune with my WWII Avoided POD based on 1938, here's one based on the first Nazi attempt to take over another country, in 1934. Historically the Nazis tried to take over parts of Europe from the very first, along with launching major anti-Jewish Pogroms. This attempt led to a botched 1934 attempt to take over Austria. This attempt, historically, was deterred by none other than Beinot Mussolini, who moved tanks to the Brenner Pass and stopped the thing before it fairly got started. Suppose that Hitler, being Hitler, decides to do a really stupid thing and fight a war over Austria. If Mussolini winds up by complete accident derailing the Nazi hellbound train before it leaves the station, what happens to Europe?

My prediction is that a failed war against *Italy* of all potential enemies is going to lead to Hitler's generals deposing Hitler and to a Nazi-Wehrmacht Civil War that the military ultimately wins, and the German state turns into Japan-in-Central-Europe in being run by a military regime that's already facing issues of having to pick up the pieces from yet another failure. My prediction is that instead of a renewed general war that this timeline sees any equivalent of the Spanish Civil War becoming the starting point along with the Balkans for a Fascist-Communist Cold War-style confrontation. Mussolini's regime holds until the Duce gets old and dies, at which point Italy becomes very, very interesting to write about but a very unpleasant place to live in. As with the other thread, the real spanner in the works is de-colonization, which is likely to begin on a similar pace to OTL, and to see the Soviets make a leap by default from Great Power to Superpower by virtue of their territorial and military base surviving the fall of all the other empires intact and gaining from the losses of others.

What do you guys think?
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Most annoying "arguments"

I'm sure most of us have had a moment or two when all they wanted was to smack somebody with something heavy on the head, or reach across the screen and grab their opponent and strangle them with their bare hands. Thing is, it's not just the sheer obtuse stubbornness and/or deliberate tickling of the most sensitive nerves in the most unpleasant way imaginable, that would tend to bring us to the brink of having a head ass-plosion... It's often catch-phrases and worn-out rhetorical tricks being extensively used by the "other side", that would eventually trigger something homicidal within us during a debate.

I'd like you to dig for some of the most rage-inducing and overused rhetorical tricks and arguments you've encountered during your long sojourn on the Internets, and share them with us, so we could note their stupidity, and possibly refer to that list at a later time, whenever some annoying sonobitch uses them again. >:-]

So come along, and join the list!

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