December 15th, 2012


So let's have a conversation...

When I first heard of the murders in Newton CT I was angry. In fact, "Angry" doesn't even really begin describe it,

I was incandescent...

First there was the news itself. It takes profound evil or profound sickness to do what he did. That such a thing exists/allowed to exist makes me sick to my stomach. The thought of children dying, calling out for their parents, for protection, and not receiving it enrages me beyond words. Then there's the thought of what must come next.

I don’t want to think about, or deal with politics right now. But that’s precisely what I'm doing because my own convictions have been called into question. People are looking for scapegoats and I can not allow that to pass unchallenged.

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Breaking news! GOP: We'll Accept Higher Taxes If President Obama Gives Us His Dog

Click the link below for the video:
GOP: We'll Accept Higher Taxes If President Obama Gives Us His Dog  

House GOP members are willing to raise taxes if president Obama will give up Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog who Mr. Obama got for the first family shorty after taking office. The president countered the GOP's proposal for weekend visits for the family with Bo, but as part of the tax package, there must be a total break between the Obama's and Bo. Eric Cantor, speaking about the spending bill and the impact of Bo and the first daughters: "If Sasha and Malia were to see the dog in a park several years from now, it would not recognize them."

Potentially the last time we see Bo with the Obamas if Boehner and the GOP have their way?

Obviously losing Bo to the House GOP would be a bitter pill for the Obamas to take, but is there anything better out there on the table at this point to move recalitrant Republicans to the bargaining table? If Sasha and Malia don't let Mr. Obama turn Bo over the GOP, what should the first family be forced to give up to solve the Fiscal Cliff?
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Return of the zombie king

"This is like a horror movie! The zombies keep coming back!" This reaction was in the otherwise rather colorless and dull German public radio Deutschlandfunk. But still, it was, like, one of the most reserved among all reactions in this media storm which has started after the announcement of former Italian prime-minister Berlusconi that he's planning to return into politics.

Since he was forced to resign about a year ago, he kept promising that he was going to leave active politics for good. But Berlusconi still possessed both the tools and the reasons not to keep his vows. So many remained skeptical about his promises, and as it turns out, they were right.

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Defending the Cow Part II: The Problem With Corn

Remember this guy?

I used him recently to give a face to my rant about how cows are not to blame for global warming, no matter what the vegan jihadists claim. I'll accept some criticism from activists bent on reducing or eliminating meat from our human diet; yes, there is a lot of disease being spread in meat and milk, much of it harmful. Head over to the Centers for Disease Control and a list of Escherichia coli outbreaks over the last 5 years alone should give you a reason to pause before biting that burger.

Ah, but here's a question: Lots of us eat the meat brought from the wild during and after hunting season. Deer, elk, moose; it's all pretty darned tasty, and those wild critters are similar to cows. Why do our domestic cows seem to produce more disease-bearing meat than those beasts grazing in the wild? Collapse )