December 14th, 2012

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And now for an even more sci-fi (but familiar to some people who've read a particular graphic novel

The year is 1956. A scientist named Yuri Tchaikovsky is disintegrated in a top-secret physics department in experiments to prove the prospect of contacting other dimensions. A sequence of bizarre, otherwordly phenomena involving unintentional anatomy lessons and screaming muscled skeletons follow for several months until a reconstructed, glowing version of Dr. Tchaikovskys body reappears. The Superman now exists, and he's a devoted follower of Soviet communism and dedicated to truth, justice, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact. How does the work adjust to Comrade Atom and the presence of a superman who can transcend ordinary reality as we know it, when the guy's a Soviet and not an American?

Does he accelerate and deform Cold War tensions? Does the presence of a real-life superman render the superhero genre obsolete? Do a great many Americans die trying to duplicate the accident and create a Dr. Manhattan to show the benefits of Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Does the simple invalidation of everything we used to know about physics and biology cause either a massive crash of the existing sciences, a more limited retooling of those sciences, or lead to a great wave of religious hysteria that makes the Crusades and the Jihads of medieval times look like a junior sibling?

Or alternately does he just grow bored with humanity after sleeping around and go to Mars when he finally has enough?

Personally I think that if a real superhuman existed that this would throw our entire premise of reality out of whack and we'd find out very quickly that the Superman works best in fiction, not in real life. No matter which state, which ideology, or which society these supermen came from. I think, however, that if one showed up as a Soviet around the time of the Sputnik launch that this would have also put US culture of the time into a Red-Baiting Frenzy to end all frenzies and that from a detached popcorn-on-couch approach this would make great TV on both sides. I also think that one superhuman ain't anywhere near enough to fix the rotten Soviet system or to save it, but that's my own cynicism.

TL;DR: What if the Watchmen universe happened but Dr. Manhattan was a Soviet? Things would go much the same but from the opposite POV.
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Okay. When?

Here is what we know.

A gunman walked into an elementary school this morning and opened fire.

We're getting conflicting reports about the death toll. Twenty-seven dead, 18 of them children. Twenty dead, 10 of them children. Twenty-six dead...

The president has released a statement. He says "Now is not the time" to have a conversation about our gun laws.


When? How long is the interval after a mass shooting when we can have this talk?

I ask because, looking over the past year, it's hard to find a really broad window in between mass shootings where the gun people would deem it "appropriate" to have this discussion.

Last February, there was the shooting in the school cafeteria (3 dead), and the shooting at a health spa (5 dead.)
In April, there was the Oikos University shooting here in the Bay Area (7 dead)
In May, a guy opened fire in a Seattle Cafe (5 dead)
In July, we had the Aurora Theater shootings (12 dead)
In August, the gunman at the Sikh temple (6 dead)
In September, a workplace shooting at Accent Signage (5 dead)
Just a few days ago, there was that shooting at the mall in Oregon (3 dead)

So I'd really like to get a high sign from the gun people about when we can have this very serious talk. Preferably, I guess, it would be at some point when memorials were not being planned and relatives of the dead not struggling to cope in the wake of yet another mass shooting.

When would that be in this country?

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Er…slightly off-topic, but a current concern, so to speak.,_2012

I'm hoping that these sort of stories are merely detailing the slow death of such ossified pre-lapsarian opinions, and that the rest of this apparently insane generation of mysogynistic men unaware of even basic reproductive biology will keep their ignorant opinions to themselves.

So, here are questions mainly for the women on this comm: do you think that things are getting better, and such opinions as these are becoming marginalised? Or is this indicative of such opinions becoming resurgent? Do folk think that religions have anything to do with these sort of views?

That some men holding such opinions are still in positions of power and authority is a shame on our society: but is the media outrage that greets such men, each time they open their mouths to insert a foot in up to the Achilles tendon, merely lip-service to the sensibilities of other men and women who have some knowledge of reproductive biology and can actually think? Or is it symptomatic of a more profound shift in the way society views stupid men with unscientific shared-in-the-gents-lavatory reality-denying sexist opinions which they are prepared to act upon, and speak out about, as if fact?

IMHO superior court Judge Derek Johnson, Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, et al, need a damn good whipping, or at least a day in the pillory or stocks. I mean to say, stupid people in positions of authority or power who hold factually incorrect and archaic views that impact detrimentally upon modern individuals, minorities, and society itself, could do with (ahem) educational modification using outmoded punishments: it's the only language that such folk seem to understand.
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To LOL or to cry... Most stupid Christmas songs

Turn on your radio. Yeah, do it! Wait for 15 minutes, and you're definitely gonna hear at least one, if not two, of those familiar tunes. They play them around Christmas, over and over and over, till your brain turns into a pulp and your ears start bleeding. You switch the radio to the next station, desperately hoping that they'll be playing something different. But NO! You're in for a nasty surprise. It's the same stuff all over again. Not only that, but the song you've just heard, is only starting over there.

You switch off the radio, and...

The next one who says there's a War on Christmas, is getting it.

So here are my top 10 Christmas songs they need to stop playing, like, right now. Songs you'd like to punch in their stupid faces. What are yours?

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