December 11th, 2012


Rendering Unto Caesar: What a Racket!‏

It has been said that the sale of erotic services is the oldest profession in the human experience. Ancient literature mentions women who belonged to Pagan temples that dedicated their lives to such a practice. The institution was not strictly heterosexual as can be seen in ancient Greek literature. Puritans may furrow their brows at such a career but it may have had certain advantages and a level of respectability.

It is impossible to say whether or not this truly is the oldest profession. Another profession competes with it for the status of longest duration. It is a criminal profession that has yet to be rendered illegal. There may not be a need for official legislation in order to curb this criminal racket because once people are aware of it, they can no longer fall victim to it. Outlawing the practice may be as ineffective as outlawing erotic services.

The racket operates on a simple ignorance of the nature of human experience. It tricks people into thinking that experience does not depend on physical mechanisms. It deceives people into a false concept of human experience extending past the demise of the body. This deception is used to get people to act against their own interests and to commit horribly brutal acts against others. It is perpetuated by a parasitic criminal class who live in luxury from the fruits of the labor of others. Rather than see this luxury as evidence of corruption many people are mesmerized by it. Palatial estates seduce the gullible into a sense of awe.

Throughout history key figures have come forward to denounce this criminal conduct. After nailing the opponent to a tree or burning them at a stake, the crooks pretend to be faithful to the guy they destroyed. The con men invent deceptive legends about their victims and use those as a way to continue deceiving the public.

One of the most detrimental aspects of this racket is that it deceives people into not living as full a life as they could. People are stunted in their personal development for fear of a fraudulent postmortem experience. It is an insidious form of terrorism that destroys families and crushes the human spirit. It creates a level of suffering unmatched by any other criminal activity.

Do you know anyone who suffers as a result of this racket? What do you see as the best way to address this scourge on humanity?

The daycare debate

There is a big debate raging among the circles of children's pedagogues and pediatricians about the effect of early kindergarten (nursery). I'm talking of 1-year old kindergarten, or "daycare" as it is known.

On one side, there are experts like Reiner Boehm who are openly opposed to the early daycare practice. In his works, Boehm cites a research document from the National Institute on Child Health and Development which spans 15 years of examination of the mental and behavioural development of 1300 children. What it found was that in their teenage years, children who have been subjected to early daycare, are exhibiting a number of negative effects on their social and emotional competence compared to their peers.

Boehm cites "glaring behavioural deviations", like extraordinary rates of smoking addiction, alcohol consummation, drug use, criminal behaviour and vandalism. And all that, regardless of the quality of the daycare institution that the child has attended. Further, more recent research where children of very early age were examined for their daily levels of the stress hormone cortisol, have shown levels "comparable to those of stressed managers in big companies". The chronic stress of course disrupts brain development and affects behaviour in adulthood. The first two years of the child's development are especially delicate in this respect.

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