December 10th, 2012

  • luvdovz

The gas pincers

From the Russian Black Sea port of Anapa, through the Bulgarian Black Sea port of Varna - i.e. 900 km of pipeline running along the bottom of the sea. The South Stream route (the blue line on the map) is about to be started now. From Varna, the Russian gas will travel across Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia, until it reaches its final destination, Italy. The project is worth billions of euros and is mainly owned and managed by the giant Russian state company Gazprom. It's planned to be complete by the end of 2015. It'll be transporting 63 billion m3 of gas from the Russian gas fields to the end markets in Europe.

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  • mahnmut

Self-congratulatory self-congratulation

It's official. The Nobel peace prize committee has jumped the shark.

Having caused a major WTF moment by giving the award to freshly elected Obama for having done exactly nothing for world peace but pronouncing a few inspiring speeches in various world capitals, now they've decided to surpass their own achievement and reward... themselves, i.e. the EU. Congrats, Europe! Just when you seemed to have reached the peak of all ridiculousness, you've beaten your own record!

Some of the "achievements" of the European peacemongers from the post-WW2 period:

- Some of the leading nations from good "Old Europe" traded with Gaddafi's Libya for quite a while, and they definitely weren't selling him tomatoes. When shit eventually hit the fan, they were the first to beat the war drums and want him out, leaving Libya in a total mess. All for democracy, you know! Because peace and freedom will eventually prevail - somehow.

- While "saving peace" in Europe after WW2, some very nice events happened overseas: like the Algerian War, the Falkland crisis,  and various military and covert interventions throughout the Third World - not without the active "participation" of European forces. Bad guys and bad regimes being deposed for the sake of world peace, and all that.

- Extensive nuclear tests in the Pacific turned a number of atolls into rubble, possibly contaminating the sea for hundreds of miles and decades ahead.

If memory serves, Alfred Nobel did explicitly say that this prize was meant only for those who worked for disarmament, or am I mistaken? Granted, for a time it really was being given to such people. At some point, things must have changed between that time and today.