December 2nd, 2012

Idiots, Idiots Everywhere

OK, I'm-a be blunt here:

But if the guy who shoots people dead admits he shot them too many times and more than he needed to and wanted them dead, this is cold-blooded murder. Not self-defense. Defense is not shooting people in the head and multiple times in the chest. If they were in fact breaking and entering, shooting them that many times still makes the killings worse than the original crime. Presumably if someone's shot dead once they don't need to be shot more than that. Once *might* be defense in the right situation. This? Nothing but a scumbag defending the cold-blooded murder of two people and expecting to worm out of it:

I do think people have a right to defend themselves from people breaking and entering. I think that this has nothing whatsoever to do with that right and that using this principle to justify these shootings is like saying the Twinkies made you murder someone.
Quaero togam pacem.
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The new pharaoh

Human history teems with examples where revolutionaries have deposed tyrants, only to occupy their place and become even worse tyrants than them. It happened in France, Britain, Russia. Now the events in Cairo are about to put Egypt on that list as well.

The land of the pharaohs is split in two: "before" and "after" the revolution that gave so much hope to so many Egyptians. This happened last Thursday when president Morsi signed a decree that gives him extraordinary powers: he took away the legislative rights from the upper chamber of parliament, stripped the judicial power of its prerogatives and appropriated them for himself. So Egypt now suddenly has a single man with so much power that even Mubarak didn't have. A new pharaoh.

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