December 1st, 2012

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Ah, Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish:

Another libertarian politician has left Congress and in the process has decided that democracy, or as he phrases it 'pure democracy' is now a bad thing. I suppose that if the government is not an oligarchy that a certain variety of libertarian must mistake the absence of a total monopoly on power on the part of the few over the many for living in the most horrendous despotism since that of Fransisco Solano Lopez. After all, if the rich are not entitled to do whatever it is that they would, that is the horrendous sacrifice of 'liberty' that costs a state truly and dearly, at least in the view of Senator Ron Paul. Alexander H. Stephens and Robert B. Rhett would have greatly approved of the concept that society is only truly free when the majority are subject to a minority and denied any chances to speak for themselves because the oligarchs know better than they do:

Monthly topic

Hey folks! December has descended upon us. Can you smell the holidays already? Well, with the coming of the new month, it's time for our new monthly topic. The one you chose last time:

Alternate History Scenarios

Fascinating stuff! And timely: with the coming of holiday season, perhaps it's time we unleash our imagination and visualise historic events that never came to be, or may one day become true. Depends. How good a fiction writer are you? ;)
Some details:

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An alternate history scenario:

When I was still a member of I began working on a scenario that led to a peace between Israel and the Palestinian leadership. My scenario was inspired by a comment read in a book by I believe Efraim Karsh who stated that if Arafat genuinely wanted to show up Israel in general and Ariel Sharon in particular that he should have tried for bluffing them into shooting first. In this scenario Arafat does try that......only Sharon decides he'll let Arafat shoot first.Collapse )

Ironically the Palestinian state actually condemns Hezbollah equally when it starts throwing rockets at *them*.

Personally this to me is the only real way around the Israeli-Palestinian issue, in that it would have to predate the War on Terror to begin with, and that both sides would have to clearly discover the amazing surprise that societies benefit more from not fighting a perpetual war with each other than actually fighting it. It also occurred to me that the naivete in some parts of the world about what this would reasonably lead to is likely to lead to the cruel irony that such a peace would produce new wars of greater brutality if people fall into the trap of assuming that ending the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict would mean anything at all with other wars at the same time.

I do admit to some general annoyance that the AH genre focuses overmuch on wars and battles and too little on alternate *endings* to wars and alternate *avoidance* of battles, but then again modern science fiction is short on imagination in too many ways.