November 29th, 2012

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Stubborn and ardent clinging to one's opinion is the best proof of stupidity. - Michel de Montaigne

Consequences. Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction. So says Newton’s third law. This law of physics is also sought as a balance in nature, geopolitics, society, finance, business, law, parenting and any other pursuit that seeks stability.

[What this has to do with politics]

That used to be a premise for the federal government as well. Now, instead of facing the music as it comes, the can is being kicked down the road. Consequences be damned. Continuing resolutions are replacing annual budgets, funding is being allocated piecemeal and on a temporary basis. Necessary projects are being suspended or delayed and critical entitlements are becoming more and more unsustainable.

The federal government is now becoming less effective at its own execution due to intransigence. Immigration and drug enforcement has been an ongoing problem, but there is a growing movement to obstruct any government program that goes against the grain of states' ideologies. Washington and Colorado have decriminalized possession of less than an ounce of marijuana despite federal law prohibiting possession. There have even been pathetic attempts at secession arising to undermine the democratic process by those who oppose the outcome of the last election.

There is, however, a larger issue at hand. With resistance from the right over the Affordable Care Act, many states that opposed the law have refused to act toward implementation of the law, betting the farm that it would be declared unconstitutional or that the presidency would change hands and the law would be repealed.

If I violate the law by missing the filing deadline for my income taxes or drive with an expired license, registration or insurance; I can expect to be held to the consequences. Not so, however, with the health care law. States are being given an additional month to decide the direction of their exchanges simply because they backed the wrong horse regarding the continuity of the ACA.

As with many legal decisions, failing to act upon a legal requirement usually results in a default action. In this case, the direction was supposed to be for the federal government to seize control of the exchanges for states that refused to act. Some states are finding this option attractive. With opposing states continuing to drag their feet, it is becoming the burden of the federal government to take action for them.

The election is over for the country, just like the primaries were over when Romney was selected as the Republican candidate. It is time for our political system to fall in line with the elected political system and make our government work and stop the obduracy. After all, that’s what the people of America really want.

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The Three Options

Does the US still have something silly called the "fiscal cliff" looming? I haven't paid enough attention to the mainstream pressers of late. It's too hard not to laugh at their silliness.

Instead, I thought I would distill the various choices and just for fun examine the options. When it comes to the Federal deficit/debt situation, it seems to me we have just three courses of action:

  • Continue to spend more than the IRS collects in revenues, racking up ever more bond debt in the process;
  • Balance the budget; and
  • Create a revenue surplus and start paying off old bonds.

I know that according to both of our mainstreams, the press and the economists, only the third option is "viable" to our country's continuing economic health. After all, if we don't do something soon, won't something horrible happen involving interest or our children? Collapse )

Columbus' true face

History is written by the winners - this is a well known principle. For example, October 11 was Columbus Day. Ever since the 18th century, Columbus' arrival on American soil in 1492 is being celebrated in the United States, all throughout Central America, the Caribbean, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay etc. But what is actually being celebrated? And if Christopher Columbus lived today, wouldn't he probably be prosecuted for crimes against humanity? Columbus' terror against the native population is well documented and was so bloody that it would make Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden look like kindergarten brats - sorry for the hyperbole.

Then why all the reverence for someone who would certainly be facing life imprisonment or the death penalty if he lived today? To answer this question, first we have to look at the real story of Christopher Columbus... And it would not be nice at all.

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