November 25th, 2012


Good News for Europe

Basque separatist group Eta has said it is ready to disband, give up its weapons and enter talks with the French and Spanish governments.

According to a summary of a statement published on a Basque newspaper website, the group wants to negotiate a "definitive end" to its operations.

Eta has fought a 45-year campaign for Basque independence, but has lost support in recent years.

Last year it announced an end to its campaign of violence.

So as screwed up as the world is it's nice to see that sometimes GOOD things still happen and that people simply getting feed up with violence can be more effective against terrorists than anything the law can do. Sure, terrorism is still going to be a problem in Europe. Real IRA hasn't gone anywhere, for example. But at least this is one fire that's been put out and one corner of the world will be much better off for it.