November 19th, 2012

Groovy Kol

A clash with the future

Now that the dust has subsided somewhat, two weeks after the election, time for a more sober look on the situation for the GOP, possibly from a detached furrinner, eh? ;)

It was Bill Clinton who famously said that elections are a decision for the future. The presumption is that when time for voting comes, the electorate would tend to be driven less by their negative feelings for the near past, but rather by what they're expecting to come ahead. This explanation which seemed to work pretty fine for the former president who achieved remarkable political victories even after some serious personal fail, seems to be working for Obama now, too. Because, despite a 8% unemployment, a sluggish economic recovery and a significant cooling off of the initial enthusiasm from the first Obama term, the majority of voters has spoken again, and has decided that he's better suited for steering the country out of the stormy waters than his contender.

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