November 12th, 2012

Sri Yantra

I hope no-one we know got caught up in this...

So it seems that immediately after Romney lost the Presidential election, whilst his campaign workers were still clearing up, Romney's volunteer staff had their campaign credit cards cancelled: some of them being many miles from their homes.

Even if there are regulations in place to stop folk using campaign expenses for excessive freebies some days after the election (qv. John McCain's bid four years ago) it still seems overly parsimonious to leave folk who have been helping your election bid high and dry.

I heard Ann Coulter described poor ol' Mitt as a gentleman. Well, I'd say not on this showing. If you can't treat your own staff properly, then I think you have no right to the appellation of gentleman. In fact, I'd even go so far as to describe a person like this as an absolute bounder of the first order. I do hope he's not up for election at any of the more prestigious clubs in St James's like White's, Boodle's, or Brooks's, because this is the sort of thing that could well get him blackballed.

Oh America, don't you think you got lucky in not electing this modern-day carpetbagger? As for the number and extent of Ann Coulter's category mistakes, well, to paraphrase a greater man than I, although I have an ingenious proof, it would require more space than I have in this margin.