November 7th, 2012

A Letter to America Concerning Obama's Re-election

Dear America:

We had a choice today. We could have elected a true moderate, who has reached across the aisle and worked with the other side. Instead, we re-elected the most liberal president ever. We re-elected a man who has never once tried to work with the other side.

I don't think America has become as liberal as Mr. Obama. This is still a center-right country. American's are probably just poorly informed. In any case, what's done is done. Hopefully, Obama's promise to raise the capital gains tax was just a political move and he won't go through with that suicidal policy.

So good night America. We'll live with what we've done in the morning. I suppose the only light at the end of this long four-year tunnel is the fact that when the economy still hasn't recovered in four years, the Republicans will win everything.


A concerned American

A note from the state of Minnesota.

I am generally a cynical person, and a hyper-critical person. Yesterday I voted 3rd party because I knew Minnesota was going to vote for Obama. From my own life, I have simply come to a place where forgiving murder-via-foreign-policy for the sake insert-domestic-policy here is no longer an acceptable compromise for me. I'm getting a little older now, I don't need to wear my stripes anymore, I don't have to be invested in elections that my life is made or broken by the whims of politics. I can be pragmatic, stubborn, or otherwise myself now.

In Minnesota, however, a couple things happened: we rejected a marriage amendment banning gay marriage. We also rejected an amendment requiring photo ID to vote. I want to talk about this, and you will soon see how it ties in with my first paragraph.

Yesterday morning after work (I work overnights), I stood in line at the polls behind an immigrant couple. A Muslim immigrant couple. But I shouldn't say immigrant, I should say an American couple. The husband, an American, wore one of those funny Muslim hats. He didn't speak much English. His wife had to vouch for him so he could vote in his new country. Why is this important?

Because people from other places tend not to want to bomb those places. Why is photo ID an issue for me? Because killing other people willy-nilly with drone strikes or "kinetic actions" is an unsustainable course of foreign policy- either economically (domestic or trade-wise) or diplomatically. There is not one nation on Earth who has ever remained healthy while trying to be the biggest, strongest and most dominant nation. It will either bankrupt you, or it will isolate you. The future this couple represented for me was a future less isolated, less dominated by white American-centric foreign policy, and less militaristic and blood-thirsty.

And aside from that, watching new citizens vote is always good for a warm fuzzy, amirite?

As Americans, I think we can all look to immigrants as an immigrant country to be what is needed for us to gain some measure of sense in foreign affairs. The demographics are shaping up that way at least.
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Hype v.2.0

Some of you might remember this one, eh? OK, first congrats/condolences everyone, depending on which side you're on. Also, please serve yourselves:

Apparently U both 'gunna need it! For various reasons! :-D

Now that we've settled all this, as per tradition, here we go again...

Inauguration president Obama jobs America believe workers HOPE future Homes choice President FAIR business health care AMERICA power choice Believe oil PEOPLE cut government country ENERGY climate change Washington Americans FORWARD Barack states Affordable world PROMISE forward Family want choose money Middle class NATION election hope JOBS new future president nation Governor America faith Bin Laden tomorrow hoooooope! God bless.

Note the differences* from last time?**

* but please do be keeping reading the small print!
** still liking Obama for the same reasons you did last time?
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When it comes to pundits, why are we selective about the ones we listen to?

Over the past few months here, we have had a number of posts, many of them tagged obama's uphill battle, which have attempted to explain the course of the US Presidential election in relation to collated public perception.

Therein we have been shown the wonderfully incisive political analysis of various pollster agencies based on specifically-framed questions which are asked of demographic slices of the general public, the answers to which are then subject to some less-than-rigorous processes, and which finally give whatever grouping within the political sphere either comfort or despair.

But, come the election results, we have a measure to judge the relative accuracy, or otherwise, of the pollsters and their analysis. Have they asked, er leading questions? Is there a pre-existing bias that prevents them from being able to accurately assess the information resulting from their questions? Are the pollsters trying to influence the results of the polls, and thereby influence the results of the election?


Which organisations/individual analysts/pundits do the panel think called this election correctly?

IMHO Nate Silver was the best, and Rasmussen the worst.

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What the election means

This was about more than Obama's victory. Several Tea Party extremists were also defeated. Todd Akin, Allen West, Joe Walsh (not of Eagles fame hehe), Richard Mourdock, and others were among them. While Democrats made gains in the House, the GOP still holds the majority.

The question is will this end GOP stonewalling in Congress? It would be nice if the House could pass something (aside from a repeal of Obamacare that has no chance of becoming law). It would be nice if the Senate would stop filibustering everything that Obama proposes. If the GOP continues their obstruction tactics, how will it affect them in 2014?

The Devil's in the Demographics.

An interesting, if under reported result of last night's elections.

Puerto Rico just voted for statehood.

In a 2 part referendum, they voted for a change of status over the status quo (54% to 46%) and Statehood over 'Sovereign Free Association', or Independence (61%, over 33% and 5% respectively.)

Do you think this is likely to come to pass in the next few years? Critics say the referendum's split nature made it "confusing" to the point that it will be unconvincing to congress, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Currently people in Puerto Rico are considered citizens, but they can't vote for presidents, and they have no real voice in Congress. If they were made a state, being between Connecticut and Oklahoma in population, we'd expect them to have 5 seats in the House of Representatives, and 7 electoral votes. If they become a state, what does THAT do to your demographic calculations?

My own thought is that short term self interest will lead the Republicans in congress to hem, haw, delay, and oppose this, because of the obvious political implications. House Democrats ought to support it... both for short term political gain, and because it is in-line with both party, and, I feel, generally American, principles.

But mostly, this is just one more little pebble on the large scale that says "Republican Party, DIVERSIFY OR DIE!"

*** Edit *** 15:13
EST For those interested in the mechanics, and example of the plebiscite is on page 7 of this PDF.

"Republicans" and the loss

For a laugh I went to Glenn Beck's page to look at some comments on the various articles about Obama's win. Here are some choice bits:

- Texas can show the US the path to prosperity by nullifying Obamacare, creating a silver-based currency, and preventing the EPA from operating in the state. Secede if necessary. Texas' secession is inevitable, so you should move to Texas if you don't support Obama.
- Obama can now put into effect his plan to let terrorists make further attacks here.
- When Obama said "This is my last election" to Medvedev, he meant that he is going to make himself a dictator so there will be no more elections.
- Unless God intervenes, America will be destroyed within the year.
- The fact that he was re-elected means that somehow Obama can now destroy America like he's always planned.
- The root of Obama's evil is when Satan created the Federal Reserve.
- Obama couldn't have lost because 100% of people receiving food stamps and unemployment voted for him.
- Sharia law is imminent.

I remember a lot of nonsense about Bush from some on the left when he was re-elected, but I don't remember if it was this bad.