November 3rd, 2012

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In keeping with the theme of the Monthly Topic:

And in the spirit likewise of the upcoming election in the USA and next year in Israel, I offer a simple question: If you were to vote for a fictional character for heads of state/government in your country, who would you pick? Personally I back this slate for 2012:

[spoiler because well, it is fictional]

And would back the Esoteric Order of Dagon slate for Congress for the same reason. ;)

But who would you pick?

Monthly Topic

Hey! Is everybody allright after the superstorm? Hope so. Now that the new month has come, here's what you guys chose for a monthly topic:

Fringe Ideologies

Now that should be curious. With all these overwhelming amounts of mainstream politics around election time, exploring some awkward political ideologies might come as a refreshing change, eh? So here's what may or may not serve as some rough guidelines on the subject...

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I would just like to get a reaction to this article from the self-proclaimed progressives here. (Note: please respond to the whole article, not just the snippet I quote below.)

The progressive case against Obama

So why oppose Obama? Simply, it is the shape of the society Obama is crafting that I oppose, and I intend to hold him responsible, such as I can, for his actions in creating it. Many Democrats are disappointed in Obama. Some feel he’s a good president with a bad Congress. Some feel he’s a good man, trying to do the right thing, but not bold enough. Others think it’s just the system, that anyone would do what he did. I will get to each of these sentiments, and pragmatic questions around the election, but I think it’s important to be grounded in policy outcomes. Not, what did Obama try to do, in his heart of hearts? But what kind of America has he actually delivered? And the chart below answers the question. This chart reflects the progressive case against Obama.

I think it's doing a good job of summarizing the problems with Obama and what people have been fooled about with him. I believe that people tend to pick an option based on one or two things that they feel are the most important and then don't really think too hard about the other policies that they're tacitly accepting along with those. If that's true, then it would do people good to actually examine these things and determine whether they do accept them or not.

Also, if anyone wants to point out anything that is factually wrong about what the author is citing, feel free to do so, just do so logically rather than emotionally please.