November 1st, 2012

  • ddstory

Greece is where it is because of its history...

...Or so claims Dr. Ioannis Zelepos, a historian and philologist from the Regensburg and Vienna universities.

I really liked yesterday's post about Turkey. It's a vibrant society, an emerging economy, etc. Whereas Greece is in deep trouble. But why? Why is there such a huge difference? Well, I've heard all sorts of explanations for Greece's troubles - from the burden of Ottoman legacy, to corruption, to the Mediterranean mentality. But the author of the above book argues that the root cause is elsewhere - in history.

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  • zebra24

vote: principle or policies? party or personal?

Excellent example of journalism shown by Luke Rudkowski.
Clear case that lefty pro-Obama media bias exists.
People misinformed about Obama and his policies.
After all those people are folks complained about FOX bias. :)

I think it worth 7 minutes of your attention.
Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama's Policies

BTW, I don't think Romney will be better on liberties, but I am sure he will do better on economy.
With added at least 6 trillion of debt by end of 2016 Obama will make another great depression inevitable.
This will inevitable destroy "welfare network" his supporters so excited about.