October 29th, 2012

  • luvdovz

Fetyszyzm socjalistyczny

The nostalgia for communism (and I do mean real old-school communism, not that strawman type of communism/socialism that you can hear about on FOX) often gives birth to weird social experiments, including ones of the Big Brother TV-show type of format. And it's not just mobile phones that are not allowed in, but other things that didn't exist in times not so long ago.

How did the parents of today's generation of Eastern Europeans live under communism? And does what they remember of their childhood really correspond to reality? Those are the questions that two young journalists from Poland asked when they started their experiment. Izabela Meyza and Witold Szablowski decided to spend half a year living exactly as their parents had lived in the 80s.

For the purpose of their experiment, the young family chose an apartment in a concrete residential block that Warsaw's old suburbs abound of. 38 sq m of living space, no internet and no mobile phones, no cable TV, etc. For six months the two only ate food that was available in the 80s (much less junk and much more real food actually). And they went to Bulgaria for their summer vacation, like most Polish people used to, and still do (wink, wink htpcl). In Poland the public interest about the experiment was immense - especially after their book "Our Little People's Republic" was published, telling the story of their experience during this trip back in time.

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