October 28th, 2012

Quaero togam pacem.
  • mahnmut

Irreplaceable nation, expendable president

All right, now srsly about foreign policy. It's common knowledge that Americans don't care about foreign policy too much (if at all) - as was seen by the viewer stats for the third debate. But the rest of the world does care what each of the candidates would do, once elected to office. Especially when the candidates appear so awkwardly similar in their stances, or at least one of them has done great efforts to make himself look similar to the other, most probably in a cynical attempt to pander to moderate voters. Anyway...

There's a sense around non-Americans, particularly among those who hastened to cheer Obama on million-strong rallies chanting his name after he was elected, that the many hopes and expectations for a quick and drastic change in Washington's foreign policy haven't been met. Meanwhile, the frequent flip-flopping of the other candidate on a number of crucial issues has created confusion about the possible direction he'd steer the huge US military, political and economic machine. Meanwhile, the growing list of challenges requiring America's active attention includes the global recession, the various Middle East conflicts, the change of power in China, and the growing tension around Iran's nuclear aspirations.

All the gaffes, awkward moments and well measured tricks plaguing this election campaign have increased the global interest additionally. Hell, most of us furrinnerz around here on this very forum have ourselves been sucked into innumerable debates on US (foreign) policy.

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