October 24th, 2012

Sri Yantra

By the Banks of the Jordan I lay down and wept.

This popped up in my news-gathering this merry morn.

Personally, I am saddened and outraged. But I'm sure that won't be everyone's response.

Now, given the international community's previous actions dealing with other racist regimes, like apartheid South Africa, will we expect to see sanctions imposed on Israel should Israel annex the West Bank? Somehow I doubt it.

So, now we have a poll.

Poll #1874354 Israel/West Bank

If Israel annexes the West Bank, and democratically instigates an apartheid regime there, which of the following would you say sums up your position:

It is the Israelis democratic right to do as they wish in their own country. Go Israel.
The Palestinian problem has been with us for such a long sime, maybe it's about time we found some sort of solution to it.
The countries in the Middle East are all so dreadful, and Israel is our only ally thereabouts, that this sort of thing really doesn't concern me too much.
When it comes to fighting between the Jews and Muslims, the Jews are marginally "whiter" than the Muslims, so obviously we would support them, being the lesser of two evils.
I mean to say, it's not as if they've got gas chambers set up or anything.
This is the Godwinning of Poe's Law, and nothing anyone can say will make it less ridiculous, or less shameful.
My brain has seized from the synthesis of satire, tragedy, and farce.
This just shows some of the problems with democracy as a system of government.
Bring on the Rapture.

And now a follow-on question:

Which leader or potential leader has the best policy and strategy for dealing with a resurgent neo-nationalist Greater Israel run on apartheid lines?

Barack Obama
Mitt Romney

And is your answer based on each leader's similarities of opinion with a Greater Israel?

Who gives a damn about these (offensive compound nouns) anyway?

Слушам и не вярвам на очите си!
  • htpcl

Let's talk geopolitics!

Greetings, my dear horse and bayonet fixated election junkies knowledgeable guys who care so much about what's happening around the world (because it'll sooner or later come to bite you on the butt)! You know, there was this recent discussion around here of the "Syria is Iran's route to the sea!!11!" meme, which has brought Romney a lot of mockery. I'm not sure he even knew that he was implying something that made much more sense at a deeper level than he thought. Or I dunno, I could be wrong and he could be a genius in disguise, who actually knows where Ubeki-beki-beki-stanstan is!

The point is, the Mediterranean is a sea too, innit? It's actually Iran's shortest way to Europe, and all that oil in the Cyprus area.

The Straits of Hormuz could be sealed by a military blockade by the US and its allies*. Put a fleet of military vessels at its entrance and it's closed for commercial traffic. In this sense, Syria could be a safe reserve route to the sea for Iran, yes. Especially if you have an ally at those shores.

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