October 19th, 2012

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"Fings Break"

From Monty Python:

Dino: You ought to be careful, Colonel.

Colonel: We are careful. Extremely careful.

Dino: Of course, uh, fings break, don’t they?

Colonel: Break?

Luigi: Well, everyfing breaks, don’t it Colonel (knocks a ceramic vase off the desk) Oh, there,

Dino: Oh see, my brother’s clumsy, Colonel. When he gets unhappy he, uh, breaks fings. Like, say he don’t feel the army’s playing fair by him, uh, he may start breaking fings, Colonel….

Colonel: Are you threatening me?

Luigi: No, no, no, no, no, whatever made you think that, Colonel?

Dino: The Colonel doesn’t think we’re nice people Louie,

Luigi: We’re your buddies, Colonel.

Dino: We want to look after you!

It's not just a few right wing crackpot business owners slipping their leashes and letting their enthused support for Romney carry them away to the point where they obliquely threaten the people who work for them. The idea comes from elected officials and candidates.

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LULZ: a stereotype.

We all talk about individualism and not stereotyping people based on their color, creed, orientation or looks, but sometimes....

well, let's start with this interesting story:

GOP registration worker charged with voter fraud

By Michael Isikoff, NBC News

A campaign worker linked to a controversial Republican consulting firm has been arrested in Virginia and charged with throwing voter registration forms into a dumpster.

The suspect, Colin Small, 31, was described by a local law enforcement official as a "supervisor" in a Republican Party financed operation to register voters in Rockingham County in rural Virginia, a key swing state in the Nov. 6 election. He was arrested after a local business owner in the same Harrisonburg, Va., shopping center where the local GOP campaign headquarters is located spotted Small tossing a bag into the trash, according to a statement Thursday by the Rockingham County Sheriff’s office. The bag was later found to contain eight voter registration forms, it said. The arrest was reported Thursday night by WWBT-TV in Richmond.

More blah blah at the link. So what does this Mister Supervisor look like?

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Rural Virginians are so afraid of Obama that they will go to jail just give a Utah Mormon the country to destroy. Behold your base, GOP.


ETA: I forgot the obligatory 'my opinion' part. Let me pontificate on the actions of Southern White males with very short hair. While actual damage was not apparant in this case, the implication that people who 'look like him' would risk prison to get out a President who does *not* look like him, or share his values shines like the sun on his oily forhead. If anything, this young man should be fighting the GOP. They are the party of MINE, RIGHT NOW.

Or not, he may be a nice guy who had  redneck paternal peers. Seven felonies is tough for anyone to ovecome. Perhaps there is a reasonable explanation, even though it seems an unreasonable action.
Гацо Бацов от ФК Бацова Маала
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A LULZ story. When love met ball. I mean football.

O hai, you buncha secretly porn-watching prudes open-minded, open-hearted, pants-down dudes and dudettes! Did you seriously think a financial crisis is only full of bad news? Well, think again. See, my boss (we're the estates branch of the largest alcohol- and second largest tobacco-producer in the country) has one fave saying: "At times of crisis, the two products that thrive are drinks and cigarettes". Not so fast, Mister! May I be so bold to add: AND LOVE! Love too!

This just in: Hookers save broke Greek soccer team

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The Captain's Prop

Bond Burning Jubilee

(I'll try to make this money-ish post brief. As Twain noted of the Bible, fiscal policy is like chloroform in print form. This should, however, show that knowing the actual monetary creation process can take the sting out of what you are about to read.)

Steve Roth at The Angry Bear notes a growing trend among monetary policy wonks: maybe, just maybe, central banks should burn their government bonds as Ron Paul once suggested:

In June of 2008, Ron Paul made a radical proposal: the Fed should simply burn all the U.S. Treasuries it’s currently holding, reducing the government (U.S. Treasury) debt by $1.6 trillion, or about 10%. . . .

Paul called this “bankruptcy,” but it’s actually pure MMT thinking, acknowledging that 1. the Fed and the Treasury are most reasonably viewed as a single consolidated entity (“the government”), and 2. that government debt is something of a side issue in the big monetary picture (bonds are a vehicle for interest-rate management by the Fed), compared to the matter of central importance: how much newly created money the government puts into the economy by deficit spending, or takes out with a surplus (destroying more money by taxing than it creates by spending).

"MMT?" That would be the side-branch of economic thought called Modern Monetary Theory that has been effectively side-lined since the ascendency of Classical and Neo-classical Theory. MMT is one of the only economic schools of thought that recognize that banks actually exist and contribute to the economy's function Collapse )

Elizabeth Warren is going to win

That's my prediction.
Wanna see why?

Polls Date Dem Rep Margin

PPP 10/16 53.0 44.0 Warren +9.0
PPP 10/11 50.0 44.0 Warren +6.0
YouGov 10/11 46.0 39.0 Warren +7.0
Rasmussen 10/10 49.0 47.0 Warren +2.0
YouGov 10/8 48.0 45.0 Warren +3.0

Courtesy of Nate Silver's 538 blog.
- http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/

I think this is a result of how Scott Brown was elected in the first place. His democratic opponent was so bad that democrats stayed home or flipped for one election. Elizabeth Warren is an icon for the left--Dems aren't going to stay home in November in Mass, nor will they be splitting their tickets, not in the numbers Scott Brown would need, it seems.

But hey, I'm going off some raw numbers posted on the internet. Maybe you, my filthy assistants co-denizens of the internet city, will provide some insight on what you think is gonna happen in the Elizabeth Warren vs Scott Brown race.

Can I/you/we make a tag: "predictions" and then we have a follow up tag "predictions false/correct" ?