October 8th, 2012

Слушам и не вярвам на очите си!
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A remnant of a world long gone

Kalimera, Americentric nonsense-obsessed election junkies curious folks who are always eager to learn something new about the surrounding world! Here's the story of Mount Athos in Greece. It's a place where women are not allowed, and non-Orthodox men can stay for no more than one day and one night. Those are the rules of the autonomous hermit republic of Holy Mountain at Athos, one of the three sub-branches of the Halkidiki peninsula in Northern Greece. The place has been like a magnet for devout Orthodox Christian pilgrims from around the world for many centuries. And it's probably the last remaining anachronistic remnant of a world that disappeared with the fall of the Byzantine empire.

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Freedom to roam?

I know most Americans are feeling very protective about private property ("Get off my lawn, hippie!"), but still, I will venture with this question. See, I am interested about the audience's opinion on the so called Freedom to Roam. Some background:



America is one of the richest countries in terms of variety of beautiful natural landscape, and it has a very good system of national parks and protected areas, granted; but meanwhile, there are vast pieces of that natural treasure under private ownership where access for the public is prohibited. Lots of "No trespassing" signs, and even "Trespassers will be shot on sight". And I am not even talking about the restriction of hunting and fishing activities, which should of course be subject to strict rules aimed at preserving the wildlife populations. I am talking about roaming, and possibly camping.

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