September 30th, 2012

Quaero togam pacem.
  • mahnmut

So your local politics is annoying ya, eh?

You guys in Amurrkka thought you're having it nasty around election time (i.e. in 99% of the time)? Well, to put that in perspective, here in SA we do other things around elections. Like dancing the toyi toyi, re-drawing the electoral map to suit this party's interests or that party's, splintering parties out of bigger parties and then merging them back in as if nothing had ever happend, and occasionally putting illegal immigrants in tyre "necklaces" and burning them alive. You know... entertainment!

And if you thought it's all for the bread and circuses... minor correction: no, it's not bread and circuses. Most people here are concerned about the "bread" part. I can understand how for Americans who've lived under the "let's have some circuses" lifestyle and mentality for too long and are having to discover the "bread" part just now, the above may be a bit difficult to comprehend. But there isn't a thing one can't get used to, so no worries.

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Not saying one eviler evil being more evil than another, less evil evil, somehow makes the latter evil any less evil. But still, perspective is a valuable asset when looking at the bigger picture.
  • tcpip

Russia versus Turkey over Syria? This won't end well..

“Two Turkish pilots were captured by the Syrian Air Force Intelligence after their jet was shot down in coordination with the Russian naval base in (the Syrian city of) Tartus.”


A day prior Al Arabiya alerted their readers they were going to release some classified Syrian military documents. I can't honestly say I was expecting this.

This has the potential to be very bad indeed. If Russia is implicated in the shooting and execution of NATO pilots the implications will be ahh, interesting.

Al Arabiya’s exclusive series on the newly-leaked Syrian security documents continues tomorrow.

Oh great. I can't wait.

Whilst Russian military contracts (c4.5 billion) and their naval base have obviously been a factor in their support of the Assad regime and their refusal to support sanctions (let alone peacekeepers), this really does bring their behaviour into a new light.