September 28th, 2012

Obama's Uphill Battle: Late September Edition

Oh, hey, I didn't see you there. *puts down pipe, swivels around in chair wearing only a bathrobe, in the background you can see my roaring fireplace*

Greetings, fellow Americans and Godless pinko commie non-Americans! I have enjoyed this series of posts and would hate to see September go by without an update. As we all know, Romney is poised to strike at the heart of America, reaping its organs and drinking the sweet blood of victory. If you don't believe me, I have massive piles of evidence to support my point.
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  • ddstory

Friday nonsense: Your favestest conspiracy theory / myth / legend?

Lizardoid Andromedan shapeshifters ruling the world; the Templar Illuminati Priory of Sion protecting the Holy Grail that is the Jesus bloodline; alien visitations, UFOs and Area 51... 911 done by the US and Israeli government as a false flag operation to start war... OH MY!

We've never lacked conspiracy theories, most of them ridiculously absurd, some so compelling you're left scratching your head and wondering... So tell me, which is your favestest one? The one you find most amusing / entertaining / fascinating / convincing?

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  • luvdovz

Lolols: SWS (!?)


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Making up a condition and giving it an acronym to make it sound legitimate is pretty foolish, yep".

Watch it on:
After walking a mile in a rich person's $4,000 Ferragamos, Jason Jones learns the paralyzing anxiety of sudden wealth.

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So have you seen someone clashing (or, hell, have YOU clashed) with this enormous problem? What are the reactions of those affected by it? The Wiki page doesn't seem to be too informative on the details, so please enlighten me!

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