September 27th, 2012

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Why I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama

I am not a purist. There is no such thing as a perfect political party, or a president who governs in accordance with one's every ethical judgment. But some actions are so ruinous to human rights, so destructive of the Constitution, and so contrary to basic morals that they are disqualifying. Most of you will go that far with me. If two candidates favored a return to slavery, or wanted to stone adulterers, you wouldn't cast your ballot for the one with the better position on health care. I am not equating President Obama with a slavery apologist or an Islamic fundamentalist...What I am saying is that Obama has done things that, while not comparable to a historic evil like chattel slavery, go far beyond my moral comfort zone.

This is written by someone who supported him 2008 but won't this time. I've seen quite a few similar sentiments being shared in various places. This should be the year when third parties of any kind get a big boost in votes. Unfortunately, I think the author's opinion that people wouldn't pick one of the two candidates advocating stoning adulterers is misplaced. They will hold their nose or look the other way and vote for their side because they think there's only two horses in the race. Well, the only wasted vote is one that isn't cast, and I would add, for the person who best represents you regardless of party.
srs jon

Stop this madness, for the love of all that's good and holy

SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2012: Obama ahead of Romney in Iowa polls as vote starts
"There still is time to win, but we are in the fourth quarter," said Nick Ryan, a veteran Iowa Republican strategist...."

Still time to win? THIS IS SEPTEMBER. There have been no debates yet, but the media and the campaigns have been vetting this race for the last two years, if not before. If they didn't have politics to drive their news cycle, would they all talk about gardening?

I'm beginning to think that people in this game, whether politicians or news people or Madison Avenue -- those that have money to think about more than anything else -- are intentionally trying to drive the American people either mad or to drink. We already have Halloween stuff showing up in stores in July, and Christmas in September, so now we have to hear about polls for early voting over the next six weeks??

Forget public funding, forget Citizens United, forget it all -- I'm now officially for limiting media campaigning to ONE MONTH BEFORE any election. Talk to the people all you want -- all 700,000 of them in your district, for House races -- but no signs, no ads, no media analyzing votes and polls until it actually matters.

Please, please, tell me how it works in other countries. And how it came about, please? And that your population hasn't run over the cliff screaming "Ffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!"

ETA: It looks as if this is the ONE THING that the majority of TP denizens can agree on! And it all boils down to: "JUST STFU ALREADY!"