September 22nd, 2012

The Lovers

Selection pressure for homophobic politicians

Despite having popular support, both houses of the Australian Parliament failed to pass bills supporting marriage equality for homosexual Australians.

On the one hand, we have to wonder what it is about the political process which creates a selection pressure for homophobes.  After all, the only reason to oppose marriage equality is homophobia.

Political opportunism doesn't really seem to cut it: it is shown time and time again that both parties would improve their support with the electorate if they relented.  It really does appear to be the case that politicians are more likely to be homophobic than the general population.

The bit I don't get is where the systemic flaw enters the game.  Why would hateful bigots be more common among politicians than the general population?
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First of all, a visual orgasm for y'all:

The breathtaking new images that reveal the violence of a solar flare - and the beautiful aurora it created on earth

* Radiation from the eruption set to hit earth within hours, creating a 'moderate geomagnetic storm'
* Incredible phenomenon could give new insight into how solar eruptions affect electricity supplied on earth

The images are amazing...

All right, first of all this is hardly the Earth-shattering event that would wipe out civilization as we know it, and other blabla bla... And the bulk of it is not even headed exactly our way anyway; so it's more of a scientific/layman's interest rather than a matter of grave concern, etc. Whatever. My point is different:

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