September 21st, 2012

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there is always good reason why not to pay taxes.

Mitt Romney was wrong not 47%, but at least 78,51% aren't paying enough income taxes to support current level of Welfare.
You can hate me but you can't ignore the facts. The fact is - minimal income tax level to support current state is more than $15k. All those paying less aren't even paying for current level of Benefits. And worse - they are ignorant enough to aggressively ask for increase in benefits level!!! 78% (see the table) are already failed to pay for it and still think they have a right to make such request!!!
What about kids? If kids can't work somebody have to pay for them right?
Somebody like you, socially "responsible".
Are you paying enough taxes to feed those in needs?

[Taxation logic, numbers and math.]
As a libertarian I am against taxation. However even if I voluntarily accept this responsibility I still can not imagine myself claiming that taxes for those who already paying most taxes, need to be increased.
My point is that benefits must be cut to the level when most of taxpayers will be able to pay for them.

I can understand why 47% wont pay a dime for income tax. I can't understand why they want to increase tax burden on those, who is already paying significant amount of their personal income for common goods.
I can understand why those on govt pensions wants to enslave new generation. I can't endorse that. They want our kids to work just to pay their unearned pension (their pension savings are already spent by govt decades ago before Obama).

Here is simple math:
Currently taxpayers in 2012fy must pay 22% ($836 Billions) to those are on govt pensions.
Remember it: there is NO MONEY SAVED BY previous generations to fill this gap, this is burden on next generation.
Claim that those pensions are "earned" is false, they haven't funded those pensions, nothing is saved by them or govt, they haven't saved enough and already spent that.

* Let's guys talk about your, Occupy Wall Street and "increase-the-taxes" folks, responsibility to feed your elders and support your community.
* Let's imagine you aren't liar and want to feed your elders even if they haven't saved enough for pension.
* Let's imagine you aren't liars but responsible citizens and 22% for unearned pensions, 12% for other "Welfare", 22% for "Health" is seriously considered as a minimal amount of money good citizens must pay.

Sum it up - 56% of Fed budget is 2,128 Trillion dollars needed to fund this.
Let's find out your "fair share" out of it:
Income tax is only 35% of the revenues and adds up to 1,401Trillion dollars.
All other taxes {please use contemptuous expression to pronounce it here} paid by selfish "corporations" and "private equity entities".
As an OWS guys you probably don't own anything like that and don't paying a dime out of it.

Social security tax sum up to $840.7b, lets imagine those aren't "your generation" pensions but supposed to go for previous generation pensions (we know that's a lie), but I will make this discount for you.

$2128B [to feed those in need] - $840.7B [goes into paying pensions now instead of going into your generation pension account ] = 1287,3 [needs to be paid total annually by responsible citizens]

Number of returns is about 84mil, so it is $1.287.000 million/84 million returns = $15 237
Everybody who is paying income tax less than that isn't paying for all the benefits society is consuming now. All wars are excluded and other spending also excluded.

Income Tax (1000$) 2010/2012 prorated All returnsUnder $15,000 [1]$15,000 under $30,000$30,000 under $50,000$50,000 under $100,000$100,000 under $200,000$200,000 under $250,000$250,000 or more
         Number of returns84 465 9935 267 68514 212 51318 573 59128 258 91813 894 6381 531 6592 726 990
         Amount944 505 2361 555 68614 083 47847 521 656167 305 536225 145 39057 751 853431 141 638
2012 amount prorated1 146 000 0001 887 56617 087 95857 659 625202 997 439273 176 48170 072 267523 118 664
Sum up $$ from low->high1 887 56618 975 52476 635 149279 632 588552 809 070622 881 3371 146 000 001
Sum up of % returns low->high0,006,2423,0645,0578,5194,9696,77100,00
Needs to be paid total:1 287 000 000
Actually paid per return:$358$1 202$3 104$7 183$19 661$45 749$191 830
Needs to be paid per return:$15 237

in the dark

Money Money

So explain this to me... When I served in the USN I paid into the education program which was matched by all of us - the tax payers. this money was then used by me later to pay of school. Many of my conservative friends have said this is NOT an entitlement program, but an earned benefit  - and thanks for the service. ( Honestly, I have even heard it called an entitlement plan but don't get me started).

You're Welcome. It was not the best time of my life.

So explain to me how people paying into Social Security should consider it an entitlement program when they have paid into it and are now drawing money from it. Why is this an entitlement program and the other is not. I will also point out that ANY raiding of Social Security, medicaid and medicare for purposes other than what they were intended for should be considered fraud and criminal. Explain to me why that's wrong.

They should not be counted as part of the Federal Budget. They are and should be independent of the federal budget. The money is intended for the purpose they were slated for and NOTHING else. If the defense budgets could be taken off the table  and not figured into the budget figures why are these left in. They are supposed to be funded through the independent collection and the money assigned to their specific use ONLY. They are not a part of the general budget.

Oh more?

So in FL the Lottery and Lotto were allowed to be established under the proposition that the money was to go to education funds. The fund has been raided over and over again and now we find ourselves unable to fully fund the education system. This is fraud. It should be illegal. It should be looked into and stopped. These issues are about honesty and integrity in the system. Don't howl over how we cannot spend money when we raid these fund s to spend them on things other than what they were intended for. What rubbish.

Vote unscrupulous thugs out of office. Keep electing thugs and you will keep getting thugs.

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Look on my work ye mighty and despair

The Tragedy of Afghanistan:

One of the sad truths that reality has confirmed over and over again is that what we think is historically unalterable or fixed is often anything but. Afghanistan itself is an example of this. This article describes the country as it was in the 1970s and how someone who knew that Afghansitan views the Civil War and Invasion-Wracked place of the present:

Collapse )

The moral of the story?

Sometimes a seemingly 'primitive' or 'backwards' society that's been in a civil war for 30 years and counting really was affected by that war for the worse, and that war itself produces disturbing manifestations of a culture in the midst of a total collapse. Contrary to the fetishization of militarists and addicts to and lovers of violence in the West or in the 'non-West', whatever selectively defined and deliberately skewed definition that term momentarily has, war is not something that strengthens, it is something that destroys. Perhaps also instead of deciding that Islam could only produce the gutted, devastated Afghanistan of the present we should remember that the Afghanistan of the past was the one that had people who looked like this, where the Mujahideen who objected so strongly to this were quite often not actually Afghans themselves.

Neither freedom nor progress can come from the crash of the bomb, only death and impoverishment. A society neglects and forgets this at that society's own peril. It is also the reason that the genuine memory of history must prevail over the lies, myths, and cherish untruths that the elites of history erect about themselves, the veils they prefer to any kind of honest look at what people were actually doing even in living memory of people alive today. Cultures are not constant. Peoples are not constant. And war, regardless of what those who avoid it by virtue of who their father is or by virtue of boils on their asses say about it, is not a means of ensuring that change is for the better. It is if anything a surety that change will be instead for the worse.