September 13th, 2012

This means what has been going on for 11 years!

Surely we can all recognize the giant joke politics has become by availing ourselves of the following illustrative example:

1)A GOP President "liberates" a Muslim country, thereby subjecting American personnel to constant danger, attack and death.
1a) People act all solemn and honorable about it.
2)A Dem President "liberates" a Muslim country, thereby subjecting American personnel to constant danger, attack and death.
2a)People act surprised and angry.

Of course, the utter facetiousness of Romney's and his supporters "outrage" is highlighted by this cherry-picked criticism on foreign policy. In case you didn't know, Americans have been getting bombed and killed for like, 11 years now on a fairly regular basis. Interesting how Romney never really decided to go after the President before now. Why the change of heart? What makes these attacks on the embassies in Libya and Egypt so much more special in the Global War on Terror? Is it because it's election season?

Anyway, it really is nice to see everyone rally around the President after a terrorist attack. No wait, I'm confusing this with a different 9/11.
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The patriot vs the socialist

Is Bernard Arnault really seeking Belgian citizenship to avoid tax?
Headlines about flight of French 'wealth creators' fit a rightwing narrative, but it's worth taking a closer look at the facts

According to Forbes, French businessman Bernard Arnault is the richest European. He's the CEO of Louis Vuitton, the company that sells luxurious goods like Vuitton and Bulgari. The problem is, he recently applied for Belgian citizenship, a move that coincided with Hollande's proposal for placing a harder tax burden on the wealthiest people in France. The obvious conclusion of the public was that he's doing this to avoid paying more taxes. Arnault himself is denying these allegations, stating that he'll keep paying his taxes as per the French tax code, not the Belgian one.

Still, the whole thing has already caused a huge scandal in France and actually prompted a debate which, despite all the mud-slinging, is worthwhile IMO. The pressure on Hollande has been increasing with mounting criticism that he's risking to cause a mass exodus of capital from the country with his demands for imposing heavier taxes on the richest. Meanwhile, Arnault wasn't spared the outrage either, the left-wing media like La Libération slinging shit at him like "Get lost, rich jerk!", as well as accusaions of not being patriotic. For which he's going to sue the newspaper, by the way.

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(On-topic). Teleprompters: a love story

Obama's speech in Charlotte was nice. A good mix of well-rehearsed cliches and more Hope. Except... he never deviated from the preliminarily written text, which had been duly composed by his writers and uploaded on his teleprompter. And why should he? As if any politician does that these days. The teleprompter has become the politician's best friend, has it not? In any case, looks much better than hand notes.

Makes you wonder what would happen if some teleprompter suddenly popped somewhere. Let's say a short circuit or something. Suddenly the States become 57, and Sheiks acquire temples. Even the most rehearsed Re-start could suddenly turn into an Overcharge.

Or just... this. :O

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