September 10th, 2012

Godzilla, default

In the words of the Joker: "Here we go":

Israel is by now coming to the conclusion that a Jewish state for Jews evidently has no place for Christians any more than it does Muslims. After all, in a Jewish state Christians aren't real citizens of that state because they're not Jews. There are members of the Knesset ripping up Bibles and the Ultra-Orthodox being taught to spit on Christian clerics. Were this a Muslim state, the US media would be going ballistic and foaming at the mouth over this, especially if members of the Iranian parliament were ripping up Bibles in the assembly and throwing them in the trash.

Personally, I think this is another example of a double-standard that's allways operated in Israel's favor when it has no reason to do so.

The impending vegan menace

A stern warning indeed. The water shortages in various regions of the world are getting more severe with every next year. And the result would inevitably be a drastic change in the eating habits of the ever increasing human population, which is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050.

The water resource is not limitless, especially fresh water. There are already serious problems in vast parts of the world, in food production, food prices, etc. Some have already caused social and political unrest like the Arab Spring (the food prices being among the main factors that triggered the revolutions in the Middle East).

There is a prediction sneaking in that this would cause entire segments of the human population to re-direct to a more vegetarian diet, because growing plants requires relatively less water consumption per calorie, compared to breeding livestock. Currently, people get roughly 20% of their needed proteins from meat products, but the forecasts point to a tendency that this share would be dropping down to 5% by 2050, mostly due to the rampant droughts and the subsequent water and food shortages.

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An Actual Case of Voter Fraud

No, no, I'm not talking about Mitt -- not yet, anyway.

This woman is is Wendy Rosen, who was the Democratic challenger for a congressional seat in Maryland currently held by Republican Andy Harris. Mary voted allegedly voted in both Florida and Maryland twice, in the 2006 and 2008 elections.,0,3764352.story

So, hey, voter fraud. I mean, VOTER FRAUD!!!!!!!!

Here's the thing. Voter rolls are administered by the states. And, indeed, some states allow land-owners who primarily reside in other states to vote in their local elections, which would explain how Rosen could legally be on the voter rolls in two states -- she just wouldn't be allowed to vote in both states for certain races.

It's likely (although Rosen isn't talking) that she voted in one or the other of these states with an absentee ballot -- after all, the two cities are 970 miles apart.

Rosen has resigned from the race, and is facing criminal charges, and rightfully so. If convicted, she'll be in history and law textbooks as an actual perpetrator of voter fraud, which, as we all know, are few and far between.

But you all know where I'm going with this. How would a picture ID have prevented one of the few legitimate, discovered cases of voter fraud?

The answer: It wouldn't have. Even if Rosen voted in Baltimore at 9 am and then hopped a plane to St. Petersburg and voted there four or five hours later, what would have stuck out to indicate that she was engaged in actual voter fraud? Her picture ID is a legitimate one. She owns property in both locations.

No, the only thing that might have prevented this would be one of the things that most of the people who argue for voter ID laws the most abhor...

A Federal database, containing a list of every american citizen with the right to vote and some sort of identifying indicator. Given that such a thing is tantamount to treason when applied to gun registration, why is it ok to do for voting?

Now, about Mitt's... election indiscretion...