August 31st, 2012

Look on my work ye mighty and despair

The graveyards of the past:

While we tend to think of mines killing people as something that happens in say, Vietnam or Afghanistan, it still happens in places where the expectation is of a more peaceful reality.
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Personally, I find these weapons to be utterly detestable at a conceptual level, however as an American, I do not find myself as able as I'd like to say they should not be used. The land mines, after all, in the DMZ are extremely thick and are a part of a dense fortification belt that's kept North Korea from self-destructing in an attempt to invade South Korea again. The USA maintains those and does so with an eye to keeping South Korea independent. This does not give much room to say that a weapon that serves a purpose here is always evil, even if I find it evil in concept, purpose, and results no matter how it's used.

What say you? Is it possible to differentiate a purpose of a particular category of weapon like land mines from their utility? Or should some types of weapons be erased altogether from existence because their purpose is too evil to sanction?
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LULZ. You just wait!... for the PC police.

First of all, let me congratulate everybody in our modest comm for passing the remarkable #5000 post milestone: riiiiight here!

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Now straight to the topic.

Millions of people throughout the former Soviet bloc who had grown up with the most popular Soviet cartoon, "Nu, Pogodi!" (You just wait!*) were shocked when they learned that the Russian state was planning to ban the airing of the legendary kids movie at any time before 11pm, and dub it an "adult movie" from now on. Why? Because the Bad Wolf in the movie is smoking a cigarette. And there's a new law in Russia that says children shouldn't be exposed to bad influence on the TV, like, seeing bad wolves smoking.

Another fave cartoon character for generations, Gena the Crocodile, was also threatened to fall prey to the PC police, because he was regularly seen blowing smoke circles from his pipe.

What's worse about the "Nu, Pogodi!" movie was that the Bad Wolf was also "behaving badly with ladies". It's true, though - as you can see from the footage, there's ample evidence that he's behaving badly with everybody, but most of all with the good nice Rabbit. The protagonist in the series.

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And to make this more Friday-ey... My task to you folks, should you take the challenge, is to find me your fave cartoons (and comics?) that have pushed the limits of Political Correctness. READY, STEADY, GO!