August 27th, 2012

Слушам и не вярвам на очите си!
  • htpcl

A little more time, you say?

Geia sou, filoi mou! Cheers, my comrades! Now... as tradition says, set this song to play in a different tab/browser (you know, just for atmosphere), and imagine the following situation. Keramoti, Northern Greece. It's the small town just opposite the Thasos island, where most Bulgarians like to spend their holidays whenever they head into Greece. And head into Greece they do by the hordes, oh sure they do! So here's this small taverna by the ferry quay. The chequered table clothes are white and tidy, a scent of anise and shrimp is floating in the air. The pints at the pub have Paulaner labeled on them. Now, Paulaner is a famous Bavarian beer brand. The parasols outside the pub also have a Paulaner inscription on them. So I figure I could order a German beer here, to go well with my fried octopus tentacles. But when I oder a Paulaner beer, all I get is a frown, then a conspiratorial wink from the bartender: "We don't offer German beer here anymore. But I'll give you a better one. A new white ale from Greece, it has won many awards!"

Then he brings me a Vergina Weiss, and explains they had stopped selling any German beer a few months ago. No Greek would ever drink that German stuff anyway... Oh, do I feel the love!

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