August 26th, 2012


OK this is kind of embarrassing, or is it?

I know I'm just an ignorant southen white male US citizen  with all kinds of 'privilieges'. And 'my kind' is supposed to mock tutt-tutt such facts, while internally going all "well, yeah...and? Free Market/overreaching hand of regulation/masturabing Randian Supermen"

ETA: I decided to strike that sentence. Must have been some bad yogurt for breakfast.

So what were the tax breaks? And what were they supposed to do that would help the unemployed in the US if the tax break ended? Why was such a tax enacted in the first place? How can conservatives possibly excuse such a tax, when the result is less job opportunities with large corporations?

Partisan snarkery aside, what was the rationale for the blockage, when we desperately need revenue? My opinion is that these three factss are not necessarily interlinked only coincidentially matched up in number randomness, but blocking a tax break (which means an exemption to an exising tax structure) tied to jobs loss in the US is not good no matter how you look at it.

Hopefully the repsonders can help piece together this puzzle with information so we can see a more clear picture of the reality verses the hyperbole.

Exemplary state, or...?

We all know about the so called Four Asian Tigers. Fast, dynamic and open economies that have stunned the world with the speed and quality of their development. Singapore is maybe most often cited as the brightest pearl in the Asian crown. In just a generation it made a giant leap from a developing country to an industrialised economy. Like springing from a fairy tale, the previously semi-Medieval island nation was transformed literally within a few years. Its rulers turned it into a highly effective and transparent market economy, one that has stood comfotably even at the times of global economic crisis.

The Singaporean government is famed for its prudence, its honesty and incorruptibility. Various analysts constantly place Singapore in the top 10 in various positive rankings: least corruption, best investment climate, most stable financial system, most competitive economy, highest GDP per capita and income per capita. It seems the Confucian values, the strict laws and strict control, the almost zero corruption and maximum transparency of the economy has given birth to a prosperous society, which enjoys one of the lowest crime levels in the world.

Awesome!, you would say. I would love to live there! But... not so fast. Because all of the above comes at a price.

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