August 17th, 2012


Friday Lulz: Stars Earn Stripes

You may remember this being mentioned in an earlier thread, but a new show has debuted in the vapid wasteland quality programming that is America's reality television. Eight celebrities you're only vaguely aware of-such as Terry Crews and Todd Palin, because being related to a famous politician automatically makes you famous as well-will compete in challenges based on military training exercises. Each will be shadowed by a former special operations soldier (including two Navy SEALs, a Green Beret, a Delta Force operator, and a SWAT team leader). The winner will receive cash prizes which they will donate to a charity for military veterans. The show is being hosted by Samantha Harris (of Dancing with the Stars) and retired four star general Wesley Clark, commander of the NATO campaign in the Balkans and former presidential candidate. The show has been denounced by nine Nobel Peace Prize recipients (no, Obama isn't one of them) for glorifying war.

I'm not sure what to think about this show. On one hand, militarism is bad (mmkay?). I also have to wonder how much the former soldiers got paid to cheapen their profession like this. Are military salaries really that bad? On the other hand, is it really any dumber than what you normally see on reality TV? Also, the fact that the show uses live ammunition means that we are one step closer to having a bona-fide modern bloodsport, which I approve. :D

Latest Conspiracy! Aurora Aurora! It MUST be Friday!

I would like to post as verified sources the various sites google pulls up, but of course they are not the 'best' of sources. WHICH IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN THE MSM LOCK OUT A MAJORRRRRRRRRRRRR STORY

‎1. James Holmes had no job, was earning unemployment but was able to purchase close to 10k in weapons, explosives, and tactical equipment, and this all happened within 2 months. The chances that Holmes could afford to finance this on his own is highly unlikely. Someone helped finance this attack, follow the money and we will find the masterminds.

2. The testimony of 2 key eye witnesses totally contradicts the official story of there being one shooter,
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I did not type this, nor is it original material. Technically, I can't find the original to this. There are no links to verify any of this. Until I can verify these facts and allegations, this post  IS FRIDAY NONSENSE.

or is it....? Isn't that what THEY would like us to think? Huh? HUH?

So, good citizens of Earth. Is there any gravitas to this? Does it carry weight? Is this the ONE FINALLY PROMISED THREAT OF THE RIGHT, that Obama/Clinton/KErry/Dukakis going to FINALLY take "our guns"?

Over my cold dead Batman mask!

ETA:  uh oh....

It's an Icon!


I'm preparing to teach 6th grade and am reading the "Reader" that will be used in my class. The story in question is "The Skill of Pericles" by David Scott Meier. It is a play about ancient Greek teens trying to discover what Pericles will give a prize for. It turns out that he's looking for the individual who is the best friend.

The quote I want to talk about is this: "The first prize in a democracy goes to those who give, not to those who have."

When I was in 6th grade, democracy was defined as "the art of self-discipline, so that one need not be disciplined by others."

How would you explain democracy to 11-12 year olds?


Did Pussy Riot get off light?

On a roll here.

MOSCOW -- A judge sentenced three women who staged an anti-Kremlin protest on the altar of Moscow's main Russian Orthodox church to two years in jail each on Friday in a trial seen as test of President Vladimir Putin's tolerance of dissent.
The trio from punk bad Pussy Riot, handcuffed in a courtroom cage, reacted with giggles and one rolled her eyes when the judge issued the sentences after reading the guilty verdict for almost three hours.
A man in the courtroom shouted "Shame!" and hundreds of protesters outside the Moscow courthouse repeated that chant and whistled when news of the sentence came.


Two years for mocking the church. Shame? They will show you 'shame' Orthodox White Male Christian Guy™! When they get out of prison after writing 50 hit songs, they will go world wide and start a youth revolution that will finally result in the destruction of the Illuminati led reptilians make lots of money for the industry by selling angry pop music and MERCH!

Or not...

I talked to a bright 19 year old girl who attends our venue regularly about PR. She had never heard of either PR them or the 'partrichary', and was amazed I was 'so into what was going on around the globe'. I gave full credit to people like you contributors, btw.

My opinion is the world needs more pussy riot and less christian cock (TW: rerun). There is no shame in what they did or how they did it. The hatred showed by "the children of Christ" reinforces non-believers assertions that the patriarchial Holy Church is a joke, in the eyes of both their Dead god, and their fellow men.

Pussy. They like the word..."pussy"
Ауди А6 за шес' хиляди марки. Проблемче?
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Oh lulz. Let's brag!!

You know, a recent convo around these frequencies where someone was telling the audience how awesome and exceptional they are, reminded me of how utterly unique *I* am. So do bear with me if you dare! And I challenge you to come up with a cooler story than mine! IF ONLY YOU COULD!

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What about you?