August 15th, 2012


And the Sage Continues...

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa has agreed to give Julian Assange asylum, officials within Ecuador's government have said.

I mostly enjoy Julian Assange for the trouble he causes. So I'm rather pleased that it looks like he just got a big break in his efforts not to be thrown in prison on questionable charges. Of course, this also causes big problems for the UK, Sweden and the US. But if he's been granted asylum then at this point I don't see anything sort of some major police action being able to stop Assange from going to Ecuador. Something like that would be a pretty major PR disaster. But one that would have to be balanced by all the trouble Assange could cause down the road.

Whatever happens this is clearly a story to watch.
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Look, mommy, a choco-boy!

Hi, close-minded bigoted haterz tolerant lovers of freedom and democracy! So you think you guys are having it 9 out of 10 in the racism rating scale in the US, eh? "Why are people still so bigoted about race in the 21st century?", is what I often hear from Amurrkkins. Yeah, well. Check this out then.

How To Be Black In Bulgaria And Other Travel Tips From Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones, the comedian and TV actor, is from Alabama. Not so long ago, he shared his impressions of a tiny remote God-forgotten corner of the Balkans, called Bulgaria. His first impression: "Will one of you please explain to Bulgarian White People that you don't just walk up to a Black man and touch his face. You don't let little Bulgarian kids run over, bite my ankle and scream, "Ooo Chocolaten!"" Yeah, that pretty much sums it up I think. Mr Jones also called for his white compatriots to "tell the more authentic White Bulgarians the rules".

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Look on my work ye mighty and despair

Who is a terrorist?

As a disclaimer I should not have to add, but the inevitable shitstorm that would follow if I do not do this means I have to, all instances of someone shooting to death someone else are deplorable and morally wrong. Murder is murder is murder.

That being said, this incident is evidently both being investigated as and called an act of terrorism, as is the shooting by Major Hassan at Fort Hood, but the incident where that one guy flew a plane into an IRS building and the other guy shot up the Sikh Temple are not called that one T-word. So my question is this: what is terrorism and what is not? Why is it that in one case shooting someone in cold blood is a terrorist act but callously going into a movie theater or a house of worship is not? And why is it that fanatics flying planes into building is terrorism when it's for a pseudo-medieval sect of Islam but not when it's motivated by an extreme loathing of paying taxes? Is terrorism about the actual deeds themselves, or is it merely a word that happens to apply only to some?

Personally I'm becoming convinced that terrorism has never really had a meaning, and that the word is simply a disparaging word used by some to refer to acts done by people and movement they don't like, and excused when it comes to ones they're more sympathetic toward. Just as the tendency to machine-gun civilians is a war crime when done by the Republican Guard but not when done by the US Army, so is it that terrorism is ultimately just a particular rhetorical device, a hollow term with no meaning in itself.
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The Hunt For Pierre Poutine

The hunt for Pierre Poutine continues and appears to be Michael Sona, the communications director for Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke.

It appears he acted without authority of the Conservative Party, contrary to the earlier accusations from the opposition party's.

Political Party's are not above bending the rules to their advantage. The In/Out scandal of the previous election was ample evidence of this, but the rules of campaign finance spending were unclear if not confusing.

But overt breaking the rules has consequences that mainstream political players cannot afford. After all, harassment of the voting public is not some grey area. It's clearly in violation.

It would seem this investigation would have been left unsolved had somebody not stepped forward, and that somebody was none other then a CPC lawyer!

I'm hoping Sona acted alone and no others are to be blamed. And I'm hoping a court convicts him with a serious enough punishment that it serves as a warning for others contemplating such a felony.