August 9th, 2012

Groovy Kol

Ukraine - Russia's tool?

Ukraine is starting to bear a striking resemblance to Russia! It's taking huge leaps towards autocracy, and erasing the last remaining traces of democracy! President Yanukovich seems very keen on copying the nice example of his northern neighbour Putin! At least that's what many observers (especially in the West) have been saying. Well, perhaps we might delve a bit deeper into the matter, and see if the comparisons are apt?

Yulia Tymoshenko has spent a year behind bars now. The former PM was sentenced to 7 years in jail on charges of abuse of power at the time she was signing the gas agreements with Russia. Meanwhile, there's another trial against her - this one for tax evasion. Other members of her former government are sleeping in a cold damp place as well, for example her foreign minister Yuri Lutsenko.

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Слушам и не вярвам на очите си!
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Pussy riot!

Greetings, my wicked emo hipster punks beloved freedom-drunken democratoholics! Now imagine the following situation. It's a cool Tuesday afternoon in February. Just a couple of weeks remain until the hottest presidential election in Russia for years. The big Christ the Savior cathedral in Moscow, symbol of the new Russian statehood embodied by Vladimir Putin the Savior. The gates fly open and four young girls step inside. Provocative dresses with bare shoulders, colorful stockings and hoodies, oh my! It's the punk band Pussy Riot who've stormed Russia's main temple to pray to Mother Mary for the end of Putin's rule. ("Make him go away, O, Mother!") But they do their prayer in a somewhat unconventional way...

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